Give Future Grandparents A Unique Christmas Gift: A Video Sonogram Of Their First Grandchild

For young couples, Christmas often presents a challenge. Deciding what to get parents, who are often better off financially and have everything they need, can be difficult. If you're a young couple and become pregnant this month, though, you'll have the perfect Christmas gift to give. Your child won't be due until late spring or early summer, but you can give your parents a video sonogram for Christmas. The Gift Parents (and Grandparents) Love [Read More]

5 Ways To Cope With Nausea During Chemotherapy

Undergoing chemotherapy can be a harrowing experience. There are a number of huge issues that people deal with whenever they undergo chemotherapy and attempt to cope with the aftermath of such an ordeal. Coping with chemotherapy is not easy, but luckily, most people have the support system of family, friends and other loved ones alongside their oncology team. How does one cope with such an experience, however? There is no easy answer to this and many people choose to cope with the various effects of chemotherapy in different ways. [Read More]