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Three Issues A Nearby Urgent Care Can Handle

Some health problems require a visit to the hospital. These might include severe head trauma, symptoms of a heart attack, and intense bleeding from an injury. However, there are a lot of issues that are fine to address with a visit to a nearby urgent care facility.

One of the reasons that you should consider using an urgent care over an emergency room is that it frees up space at the hospital for people with more critical issues. Also, you will usually be seen and treated faster at an urgent care center.

So, what are some things that you should visit an urgent care for instead of a hospital E.R.? 

A Minor Burn or Minor Cut

There is no reason to go to the emergency room if you have a minor cut or a minor burn. An urgent care facility can treat minor cuts and burns. The attending physicians can even stitch wounds at an urgent care facility. And most importantly, the doctors can prescribe antibiotics which you can pick up at a pharmacy.

Emergency rooms are more suited for wounds where the bleeding won't stop and for severe burns such as those from car accidents and large fires. If you are being taken by ambulance, the paramedics will bring you to an emergency room. If you're in good shape to take yourself, you might want to consider an urgent care center. They can stitch up a cut on your finger that happened while cooking dinner.

 Cold and Flu Symptoms

A major issue in hospital emergency rooms is that many people visit the E.R. whenever they get flu symptoms. This causes a large backlog in wait time.

In most cases, cold and flu symptoms should warrant a visit to an urgent care facility. They can assess the situation and prescribe the proper medication.

The only times that you should visit an E.R. is if your cold and flu symptoms are accompanied by high fever, trouble breathing, or if the individual is a young child.

Back Pain and Muscle Spasms

Back pain can be excruciating, and an urgent care facility is a great place to find relief.  If you are suffering lower back pain, or any other sort of muscle spasm that is making it hard to walk, then you should visit an urgent care facility.

They might examine you and find that you have a herniated disc. Or they might examine you and determine that you pulled a muscle working out. In any event, the doctors on staff can prescribe muscle relaxers and painkillers and advise on a proper protocol to correct the issue.

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