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Preventative Health Issues: Can A Primary Care Center Help You?

If you struggle to maintain or manage your health throughout the year, you may wonder if you should see a doctor for care. If you don't have access to a regular physician, you can find what you need at a primary care center. A primary care center offers a great number of services to adults and children, including preventative health. Learn more about primary care centers and how you can receive preventative health care from a center below. 

What Are Primary Care Centers?  

Primary care centers treat patients of all kinds, including patients suffering from mental health issues, cancer, and acute pain. The centers also provide care to individuals and families who need preventative care services, such as routine checkups, health screenings, and access to prescriptions. 

Most centers employ health teams that include one or more primary care physicians or specialists, nurses, and medical assistants. Each member of the team works together to help you manage and maintain your health. However, a primary care physician will generally be the individual you see the most at a primary care center.  A primary care physician can ensure you receive the exams, tests, and other preventative treatments you need to maintain or manage your health properly.

If you think a primary care center can provide the preventative services you need, reach out to a center today.

What Happens During Your Initial Appointment?

Before a center schedules an appointment for you, nurses may screen you over the phone. The screening allows the nurses at a center to learn more about your current health needs, including any complaints you may have about your health. Some health centers screen their new or potential patients through their online health portals. You may be able to complete your screening online if you need to do so.

After you complete your screening, a center will set an appointment for you. During your appointment, a primary care physician will examine or screen you for heart disease, high cholesterol, and other things that may affect your health right now. Some health problems can affect the way you manage or maintain your health.

For example, if you struggle to maintain your heart health or weight, high cholesterol may be a reason for it. A doctor may order special tests in the future that measure or examine the cholesterol levels in your arteries or blood vessels. If you do have high cholesterol, a doctor will treat it with prescription medications or another treatment.

After your initial appointment, a healthcare center will schedule you for additional appointments in the future. 

You can find the preventative health care you need by contacting a primary care center online or by phone today.