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NAD Infusion Could Become An Important Part Of Your Anti-Aging Supplement Protocol

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD, is a coenzyme that's present in your cells. It performs many important functions in your body and is popular in longevity research and treatment protocols. Your body produces NAD, but your levels fall as you age, and the older you get, the less NAD you have in your cells.

By infusing NAD with an IV solution, you can increase your cellular concentration of this important coenzyme and possibly enjoy anti-aging benefits. However, younger people can benefit from a NAD infusion too. Here are some possible benefits of a NAD infusion and how the IV treatments are given.

Benefits Of Increasing Cellular NAD

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide works with your genes, chromosomes, and mitochondria to affect various bodily systems. The treatments are sometimes given for cognitive benefits. You might want a NAD infusion if you have brain fog or trouble focusing. Adults of any age might benefit from enhanced brain performance for school, work, or mental decline due to aging. NAD might even help if you struggle with depression and anxiety.

NAD might also help with recovery after exercise or sports participation. It might give you energy and reduce inflammation. NAD might boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. A NAD infusion may just be part of your anti-aging routine so the coenzyme can help with DNA repair and other issues associated with getting older and a decline in cellular NAD.

NAD infusion might be suitable for college students, athletes, and the elderly. You might want the infusion if you're healthy and trying to postpone aging, or if you have a medical condition and want more NAD to support your other medical treatments.

NAD Infusion Protocols

To get the most benefit from a NAD infusion, you may need multiple treatments. The frequency of your treatments is tailored to your unique condition. However, there may also be standard schedules for athletes, anti-aging protocols, and disease treatments.

You don't need a doctor's order to get an IV infusion with NAD. You can get one of these treatments at an IV drip or infusion clinic. These clinics are usually owned or supervised by a doctor, and licensed medical personnel, such as nurses, administer the IV. An IV isn't too painful to undergo, although you may feel a pinch when the needle is inserted. You might also feel chilly when the IV drips in your arm.

A clinic that provides a NAD infusion may also provide other infusions you might want to try to help boost your immunity, hydrate your body, or deliver vitamins. Once you've had your IV, you are free to leave, and you don't need any recovery time. You might feel energized after your infusion, but you'll probably feel the most results after you've had a series of IV treatments.

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