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What To Do When You Get A COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 is an illness that can have serious, long-lasting consequences for the people it affects. People who think they may have contracted COVID-19 should find a coronavirus testing service as soon as possible. Following the correct protocol can ensure that your coronavirus testing procedure is as fast and easy as possible. Here are four things you should do when you get a COVID-19 test:

1. Call the testing site ahead of time.

Call ahead when you plan to get a coronavirus test. Doctors' offices need to know when a patient with a potential coronavirus infection is coming so they can take the appropriate precautions. Medical staff will need to limit other patients' exposure to people who may be infected, and they'll need to put on additional personal protective equipment themselves. You can make sure the testing site is ready for you by calling to make an appointment before you arrive.

2. Follow the testing site's instructions.

You will be given a list of instructions to follow when arriving at the testing site. You may be asked to stay in your car until you're called inside, or a clinician may come to you in the parking lot. You should wear a face mask until instructed to remove it and maintain a proper social distance from everyone unless instructed otherwise. This will protect you and others.

3. Have realistic expectations.

Coronavirus tests are a way to get accurate information about your current health status. However, it's important to maintain realistic expectations about the test. For instance, you should know what type of test you're getting ahead of time. Antigen tests are sometimes called rapid tests because they offer results in as little as fifteen minutes. PCR COVID-19 tests work by detecting the virus in nasal cavities. These tests are more accurate, but their results take at least a day to fully process.

4. Be willing to quarantine yourself if necessary.

Everyone hopes for a negative result when getting tested for COVID-19. However, if you're taking a test because you're feeling ill, it's possible that the doctor will confirm that you have COVID-19. Be prepared for a positive test result. If you're found to have COVID-19, you will need to go home immediately and begin taking steps to quarantine yourself. You'll need to avoid contact with others until your doctor says it's okay for you to break your quarantine.

Contact a coronavirus testing service for more information.