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Urgent Care Can Ease Your Back Pain

Back pain is a common issue people come to medical professionals to fix. Urgent care doctors can provide a lot of help for people contending with back pain. Lower back pain can be especially difficult to deal with.

Are you thinking about going to urgent care? This is what you need to know.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain can come from many different sources. Causes of lower back pain may include muscle issues, nerve issues, arthritis, disc issues, and even pelvic infections and kidney disease. Some issues that cause lower back pain may be exacerbated by issues like obesity and other underlying medical conditions.

When Should You Come to Urgent Care?

There are some cases in which you should come to an urgent care center. If you feel that the pain is shooting down to your legs or increases when you lift your knees, you should get assistance. You should also seek help if the pain stems from a recent fall or injury or if the pain lasts for several weeks. You should also seek help if you feel that the pain is connected to your internal organs, bladder, and so on.

How Is Lower Back Pain Treated?

There are several treatments available to address back pain, and an urgent care provider can offer many of these treatments if you come in for an appointment.

First, the doctor may prescribe you some medications. The type of medication will depend on whether the pain is brought on by muscle, bone, or nerve issues.

Cold and heat can also help your lower back, especially if you carry a lot of tension in the area. An ice or heat pack can ease inflammation and swelling, reducing pain. You can apply this kind of treatment before and after you visit the urgent care center.

You may also request an injection into your tissues and joints. The goal could be to block nerve pain, which allows you to exercise and work while you wait for surgery.

Urgent care doctors can also help you understand the benefits of physical therapy and exercise for your back. Improving your back pain could rely on training for strength, increasing flexibility, and improving endurance. Sometimes losing weight can also ease back pain.

If the issues are more severe, you may need surgery. While an urgent care doctor cannot provide this service for you, they can point you in the direction of somebody who can.