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3 Warning Signs Of Cancer

Cancer is all around you. It may seem at times that it is incredibly common to have cancer and you might wonder if you are going to get sick.  Cancer can affect anyone, young and old, which is why it is important to know the signs that something is wrong and see a doctor as soon as possible to get treatment. Here are some warning signs of cancer.

1. Unexplained Weight Changes

Your body weight plays an important role in how healthy you are. If you are a healthy individual you will notice that when you eat right and exercise, you lose weight, when you don't you will gain weight. If your body is not following this simple rule, for instance, if you are exercising often, and not losing any weight, then you might have a problem. Or if you start losing weight without changing anything in your diet or exercise, it is a sign that something is wrong with your body. Whether it is cancer or not will have to be determined by a skilled doctor, but weight chances without an explanation is not normal.

2. Unusual Bleeding

Some cancers, including colon and ovarian cancer can cause bleeding. For women, you might notice an irregular blood flow when you menstruate. The bleeding may be heavier than usual, and come and go at random times, rather than during the regular menstruation time.

For colon cancer you might notice rectal bleeding. It could be small spotting or it could be more severe. You should never ignore rectal bleeding. This is a sign for both men and women that something is wrong.

3. Growths On The Skin Or Body

Finding a lump or a growth on any part of your body should always be considered a problem, and you should never ignore it. Women are especially susceptible to finding lumps on the breasts, although this is not the only place. A lump in the neck can be a sign of thyroid cancer, a lump in the abdomen can be a sign of cancer in one of the internal organs and so forth. Both men and women should be checking themselves often to test for growths. This can easily be done in the shower while washing your body, or by seeing your doctor regularly for a physical.

If you can catch cancer early on and before it spreads, you have a much better chance of treating it in a safe and fast way. If you have concerns, talk with an oncologist.