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Give Future Grandparents A Unique Christmas Gift: A Video Sonogram Of Their First Grandchild

For young couples, Christmas often presents a challenge. Deciding what to get parents, who are often better off financially and have everything they need, can be difficult. If you're a young couple and become pregnant this month, though, you'll have the perfect Christmas gift to give. Your child won't be due until late spring or early summer, but you can give your parents a video sonogram for Christmas.

The Gift Parents (and Grandparents) Love

If you're expecting a child, your parents would love to receive a sonogram of your unborn infant. If you're having their first grandchild, they'll be especially interested in seeing pictures of their soon-to-be-born grandkid.

While pictures printed from a sonogram are great, a video sonogram is even better. They can still pause a video and print out any favorite images to post on the refrigerator, which is the main benefit of having images. A video also lets them see your unborn baby move around and interact with the ultrasound machine.

The Gift That's Easy To Share

A video sonogram is also easy to share with your parents; it is even easier than printing out pictures and mailing or bringing them to your parents. Depending on the service that your obstetrician partners with, you'll either receive a video of each sonogram on a DVD or be able to download it off of the service's secure website. Once you have it, the video is yours to use it as you like.

To share your video with your parents, upload it to a video-sharing platform. There are several major ones to choose from online. The process varies slightly, but generally you'll have to complete the following steps:

  1. create an account on the video-sharing platform of your choice
  2. upload your video, which may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection
  3. name and tag your video
  4. set the privacy settings to what you would like
  5. share the video with your parents

You're also, of course, free to share the video with any other family or friends that you'd like, such as your grandparents and siblings.

If you have relatives who either don't use the internet, you can still burn a DVD for them to watch on their television.

The Gift That Has Perfect Timing

If you conceive in October, Christmas will be the perfect time to share a video of your sonogram with your parents. Not only will December 25 be about the end of your first trimester, which is when many people decide to announce their pregnancies, but it's also about when you'll be able to get a good image of your unborn baby with ultrasound.

According to Parents, you can expect to have an initial sonogram between six and eight weeks into your pregnancy. There won't be much to see at this stage, though. You'll be able to get a clearer picture if you have another sonogram at 13 weeks, which can be right around Christmas time, depending on your exact date of conception.

Even if Christmas isn't exactly 13 weeks into your pregnancy, a sonogram video will still make a great present. You can either delay giving your parents the video if you conceive earlier, or you can let your parents know they will receive a video in a few weeks if Christmas falls before you're able to get a detailed sonogram.

If you're in a relationship and expecting, don't fret over what to get your parents this Christmas. They'll cherish a sonogram video of their unborn child, and it's a present no one else can get them. Talk to local health care clinics to learn more about when to schedule a sonogram.